About Us

UBS Inc., is a fast growing multi-faceted IT solutions company that specializes in providing and implementing complete solutions for your company. Our goal is to help you in harnessing the full power of information technology and thus provide with a better workplace and help you in attaining the maximum profitability. Our team of specialized IT consultants will help you in getting the best out of your computerized equipment. We specialize in providing consulting services for leading companies around the country. We provide client/server, multi-tier and web-based applications. Our other services include web development, conversion of legacy systems and data from legacy systems, migration and content generation.

Incorporated in December 1998, UBS Inc., has a team of highly experienced and expert professionals drawn from various fields who have a vast experience in the information technology field working on different projects implemented across the country.

Our corporate office is equipped with the latest technologies and we are well equipped to provide the best solutions for our clients. We have a well-networked environment that helps us in getting the maximum output from our programmers in the most professional and structured manner that in turn gives us the best output and helps us in satisfying our clients.

           Our sales and marketing professionals work around the country, getting in touch with various clients who are located around the country. Our offices are located in various cities across the country, which helps us in providing the best and instant support to our clients whenever they need us.

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