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From Project managers to application developers, we provide our clients access to a wide rage of high-qualified consultants. We offer contract, contract to hire and permanent placements.

  • Project Managers
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers (C#,,,J2EE,Java,c++,cobol,webfocus,webmethods,Power builder, coldfusion,.net,Seibel,ETL,Informatica)
  • Datebase Administrators (ORACLE, SQL Server,Sybase,SAP,UDB)
  • SAP Functional / Technical (FICO, SD, MM, BW, PP)
  • Data Warehousing experts
  • Data Architects
  • Data Modelers
  • PeopleSoft Developers
  • Quality Assurance and Test Engineers
  • Windows & UNIX administrators

Current Open Job Listings




Posting Date: 12/01/2017
Position : Software Developer.
Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems or a related field with 10 yr experience in Teradata 14.x,15.x,Informatica 9.x,10.x,Data Stage, Performance Tuning on Enterprise Datawarehouse, Oracle, SQL Server, Hadoop, Unix Shell Scripting, Data Modeling, Power Designer, Erwin, UC4 and Business Intelligence.

Job Location: West Chester, PA 19380

Please mail your resumes 
Send your resumes to
5750 Genesis Ct 100
Fisco, TX 75034.

Posting Date: 10/01/2013
Position : Software Engineer.
MSCS +2 or BSCS+5 Exp. to include data migration,Data Integration, Teradata, Informatica (ETL) and Business Objects.
Job Loc: Frisco/Dallas,TX.

Please mail your resumes 
Send your resumes to
5750 Genesis Ct, #140
Fisco, TX 75034.

NOTE: Pls mention position title in subject

Positions Location Apply
.Net Developer Multiple Locations
J2EE, Java Developer Multiple Locations
Project Managers Multiple Locations
Sr.Net Developer Multiple Locations
ABAP Developer Multiple Locations
SAP(FICO) Developers Multiple Locations
SAP(SD,MM,PP) Developers Multiple Locations

NOTE: Pls mention position title in subject

Interview Tips

Telephonic Interview

  • Research - Prior to the phone call, research their website at length.

  • Why are you Interviewing? - Know the reason why you would like to work at the company

  • Laundry List - Have a list of accomplishments and pertinent skills in front of you and know why are you a fit for the job. If you can not articulate this you may not get to the face to face interview.

  • Privacy Please - Schedule the interview at a time and number where you can be alone and talk freely. Land lines are better than mobile phones whenever possible.

  • Resume at the Ready - Be sure to have your resume in front of you so you can follow along with your background as they ask you questions.

  • Be Honest - Answer questions as directly as possible. If you do not know, say so. Be candid, friendly, cheerful and courteous. Confident but not cocky. If you sense that the other person wants to do lots of talking – let them. People like others who are interested in hearing them talk!

  • Next Step? - At the end of the interview, try to get a face to face interview. Ask what is the next step before hanging up the call.

  • Address Weaknesses - If you can, find out from the interviewer what they feel your strong points and weaknesses may be. This way, in the face to face interview you can reemphasize the strong points and address any perceived weaknesses.


Face to Face Interview

  • Be Prepared - Prior to your visit, educate yourself about the company – go through their website and write down several questions that come to mind. Look them up on Google. Know the reason why you'd like to work at the company. People notice when you have knowledge of their company and/or products.
  • Know Your Directions - Make sure the directions you received are accurate. Nothing says, "I'm not prepared" like getting lost on the way to an interview. Arriving 20 minutes early is a way to ensure you will not be late. Just wait outside the office until 3 minutes before the interview, then make your grand entrance…exactly on time.
  • PRACTICE – Practice your interview skills - that means answering the interview questions out loud to yourself as if you were in the interview. Running through your answers a few times builds confidence and assures yourself you will come across as articulate, efficient and prepared.
  • 5 Resume Copies - Take at least 5 copies of your resume - you'll be prepared if they do not have copies.
  • Take Notes - You may want to bring a 'notepad or PDA' to take notes and write down your top 3 questions.
  • Dress Code - Know the office dress code – look sharp and professional. Being overdressed is always better than being underdressed. Unless they state that you should come in wearing business casual, both men and women should always opt for the traditional business suit as their interview attire.
  • Confidence - Firm handshake upon arrival and positive attitude throughout.
  • Be enthusiastic and friendly. Listen more than you talk (no single factor is more important in determining success in an interview).
  • Eye Contact - Look people in the eye when talking or listening to them.
  • Just Listen - No single thing you can do will effect the interview more than just being a good listener. Listen to questions asked of you. Answer them fully and directly. Do not talk too much. Never over sell your skill set.
  • Salary - If present salary is asked, furnish accurate information – including bonuses and commissions. They may ask for a W2 later, so you don't want to "enhance" any numbers! If they ask you what salary you want, the only acceptable answer at this point is "I am open to any fair and reasonable offer".
  • Nothing Negative - Do not criticize or come across as negative about your present or past employers or co-workers. Stay professional and avoid personal information unless it's "polite" conversation.
  • Ask for the job! - Let the interviewer know that you are interested and excited at the prospect of working for them and ask what the next step will be.
  • Send a thank you letter - Ask for their Card so you can follow up with a thank you letter via email. The thank you email can often be the deal maker or breaker on getting the position.

Commonly Asked Questions

Tell me about yourself.
Focus on relevant skills, experience, etc. don’t ramble. Use your resume summary or highlight section as a starting point.

What do you know about our company?
Do your investigative homework before the interview! Take a look at the Internet for information or at the library researching the company. Research as much information as possible – including products, history, size, financial status, reputation, image, management talent, people, and philosophy. You will want to be excited about the company and project that to the interviewer. Ask questions!

Why do you want to work for our company?
Emphasize the positive reasons why you want to join their company, but avoid aspects such as more money or shorter hours. These would not endear you to a prospective employer. Start by addressing their needs and how your abilities can benefit them:
             • Solving problems
             • How you can contribute to company goals
             • What projects you would like to be a part of

Why should we hire you?
Again relate this answer back to you knowledge, experience, abilities and skills. This is your chance to shine. Tell them about your achievements in your previous position(s) which are relevant to the new position you are applying for.

Why did you choose a career in……?
Be positive about your reasons. If you have changed careers make a logical argument as to why you did so.

How long do you anticipate staying with our company?
As long as we both feel I’m contributing, achieving, growing, etc.

Why are you leaving your current employer?
Never say anything negative about any employer. Stress what you are looking for, not what you are running from. Give group answers if possible, “our” department was consolidated.

What are you looking for in a new job?
Make sure your answer fits in with the company who is interviewing you. A suitable reply would be that you are looking for a new job where you can apply your existing skills and learn new ones.

What would your ideal job be?
Again, remember where you are! Describe the job in terms of the criteria they have used to describe their job. An ideal job might include things like challenging work, a fair rate of pay for the job, nice colleagues, good career prospects, good team atmosphere, opportunity to learn new skills, apply old skills, etc.

Where do you see yourself five years from today?
Give long-range goals and state the goals that are job related. Discuss career goals, aspirations and how your current experience will get you there.

If I were to ask a co-worker about your strengths, what would he/she say about you?
Give three strengths and relate them back to the company & job you are applying to.

Same question however related to weaknesses?
Always turn a negative into a positive. Cite an example of a minor weakness and how you have overcome it or are currently working on.

Can you work well under pressure and deadlines?
Yes, it’s a way of life in business. Be sure to cite examples of your success.

In your current or last position, what features did you like the most? Least?
Be honest but put a positive spin on your least favorite duties.

What did you do on a day-to-day basis?
Stress the positive things you did including your achievements. Even if some or much of it was paperwork, you can still show your interest in the way it was tackled.

What has been your greatest success? How did you achieve it?
You should pick an achievement that is related to their needs.

What has been your biggest failure?
Try to pick a failure which you were later able to correct.

What motivates you?
Our suggestions are career growth, opportunity to learn new skills, good co-workers, etc.

What interests do you have outside work?
Your hobbies and interests can tell an employer a lot about you, including whether you are sociable or solitary, and whether you can take on 'leadership' roles. So you should think about which interests will paint the right picture of you given the position you are discussing.


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